For those who call "03"

The rights of citizens in the MHI system(rus)

It's important to know in what cases emergency health service shall be called and when it's better to call the doctor from the district hospital or the doctor of hospital emergency. Reasons of call may be different: they are divided by urgency as well as be specific character of delivery of health services.


If the problem is connected to an accute pathology, a sudden disease, a violent aggravation of health of a chronic patient, a serious injury - you need to call "03" immediately. If a patient is suffering from a chronic disease in non-acute condition there is no need to apply for specialists of emergency medical services - this is not their prerogative. It means that specialists of emergency unit are not authorized to prescribe systematic treatment and regular drug administration (e.g., for high blood pressure etc.), issue any kind of medical certificates or prescriptions. In case of chronic diseases a constant monitoring of patient's state of health, possibility of its progression study, correction of the therapy (change the remedy or the dosage) if needed are very important.


If there are no special indications for hospital care a patient shall be examined and supervised by his/her district doctor or specialists of his/her district hospital. "Emergency health services" may deliver only one-time aid that is not always good for a patient. That's why it is not recommended to expose your organism to the action of a potent drug without any special need (and this is what specialists of emergency unit mainly use because they do not have the task to ensure long-term systematic treatment).


Often operators of emergency unit after accomplishment of the task leave so-called "asset to the hospital" meaning that they call for a district or duty doctor from the district hospital to the patient. But one can do it him/herself without forcing the emergency unit to come to an ill person just in order to call a district doctor for him. The district doctor may visit an ill person during the weekend and/or holyday. Moreover the doctor shall be called from the hospital of the actual location of the patient regardless the address of his registration or district hospital he is attached to, with or without certificate of insurance - the doctor will come to the patient's place in any case.


In case of a minor injury which is not life-threatening one should request medical assistance directly in the trauma center according his/her place of residence - there the help will be provided at fill breath and further treatment will be defined. If the doctor from the trauma center decides that further treatment shall be provided at the hospital he will issue a referral and will call emergency unit for transportation of the patient to the hospital.


Taking into account the above mentioned recommendations do not hurry to call emergency health service at the slightest pretext, think over what kind of medical help will be the most suitable for you.


There is a key information that the operator of the call center will need while reception of the call. Usually the connection with the operator of the call center "03" is established during 10-15 seconds. You need to wait for the answer of an operator and tell the following information:


- telephone number that one is calling from (this question is asked one of the first in order to have the possibility to recall and specify the information that wasn't registered in case of disconnection)


- sex of the ill person


- estimated age


- what has happened


- when


- what symptoms have forced to call for an emergency service


- what you have undertaken


- address where the ill person is situated (if he/she is on the street exact orientation points shall be provided; if the service is called at home the following shall be stated: how to get to the house, number of entrance, floor, numeric code)


- name and surname of the caller


Clear and full answers on these questions will help the emergency team to come to the ill or injured person faster.


After your call "03" the operator will decide himself what team will be sent to you. In many sub-centers besides line teams there are special purposed teams which can be cardiological, pediatric, psychiatric ones, etc. You need to tell what has happened in a clear and correct way so that it is easier for the operator of the call center to decide what specialist is needed for you. Even in case of road traffic accident it is mandatory to tell the estimated quantity of injured persons, if there are children, severity of condition of injured persons etc.


If anything has happened to you or your acquaintances, you have a transport and the condition of the ill person allows to get to the nearest hospital independently then you can do it without waiting for an emergency team. In any hospital of the city you will be provided a medical service and hospitalized if needed.


By calling "03" you can also get needed information about medical health care institutions of the city: addresses, telephones, specialization profile of hospitals, clinics etc.


Specialists of Kaluga Regional Center of Emergency Health Services and Disaster Medicine are always ready to come to your rescue in word and in deed!